Router Diagnosis Tool

The Router Diagnosis tool (route_diag) is an utility that helps developers understand the issues related to the routing phase of VPR. Instead of running the whole routing step, route_diag performs one step of routing, aimed at analyzing specific connections between a SINK/SOURCE nodes pair. Moreover, it is able also to profile all the possible paths of a given SOURCE node.

To correctly run the utility tool, the user needs to compile VTR with the VTR_ENABLE_DEBUG_LOGGING set to ON and found in the CMakeLists.txt configuration file.

The tool is compiled with all the other targets when running the full build of VtR. It is also possible, though, to build the route_diag utility standalone, by running the following command:

make route_diag

To use the Route Diagnosis tool, the users has different parameters at disposal:

--sink_rr_node <int>

Specifies the SINK RR NODE part of the pair that needs to be analyzed

--source_rr_node <int>

Specifies the SOURCE RR NODE part of the pair that needs to be analyzed

--router_debug_sink_rr <int>

Controls when router debugging is enabled for the specified sink RR.

  • For values >= 0, the value is taken as the sink RR Node ID for which to enable router debug output.

  • For values < 0, sink-based router debug output is disabled.

The Router Diagnosis tool must be provided at least with the RR GRAPH and the architecture description file to correctly function.